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Ds Smith Packaging
DS Smith is a global leading packaging company of customer-specific packaging with emphasis on state-of-the art packaging design and local service close to customer facilities. With a product portfolio that includes transit packaging, consumer packaging, displays and promotional packaging, customised protective packaging and industrial packaging, DS Smith answers to each market requirement.

Our mission is to make the name DS Smith Packaging the most respected brand of quality packaging in cardboard packaging sector and in Turkish and overseas markets. Our vision is to keep track of technology and offer our customers the best quality product in the most reliable way, create a reproductive and peaceful work environment with our educated, informed employees who have team spirit, improve our respectability in both the internal and external markets with our contribution to the economy.
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New Producs
Pastry, New Product
This product has been manufactured for exhibiting purposes in pastry shops. The food grade ink and the food grade opp have been used on the inner surface and the dispersion varnish and the food grade ink have been used on the outer surface of the food grade cardboard.

Pastry, New Product
By reviewing the customer requests, the raw materials and supplementary materials are tested. As pertheresults of the setests the most convenient materials are determined to process in our production.

This product is designed/manufactured for exhibiting purposes in the pastries and it is durable for both warm and cold weather conditions. Thelamination of the inner surface has been applied with special materials such as “food grade PET” and the food grade dispersion varnish has been used for the other surface.
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DS Smith
22.01.2016 Silivri, Istanbul / TR.
As of 21 January 2016, Milas Packaging is owned by DS Smith. For more information visit www.dssmith.com
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